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Carrah Lee Faircloth wrote her first poem on the porch at her Papa's house when she was 12 years old. Since then, she's not stopped writing. Most of her writing has expressed a way of thinking and living she wished she could live: gregarious, weird, and free. For years, she lived the way others advised, and that way of living encouraged a "tick the box" kind of lifestyle: College, check. Boyfriend, check. Marriage, check. Kid, check." The mediocrity of it all finally got the better of her, and she turned her comfortable, safe world upside down by divorcing her husband and striking out on her own. Without a guide, she read everything she could about divorce and loneliness, but most of it had a "hang in there because it'll get better" theme. That was when she decided to start this blog because she wanted to highlight THE biggest lesson of divorce: hope and hopelessness, grief and joy, and loneliness and fulfillment often sat in the same space together, which none of the articles she read shared. The articles "out there" treated divorce like it was something to get over, something to forget. Carrah Lee Faircloth wanted to remember everything and share it because her battles, though puny to some, were hard won. Her struggle to become proud of her body, of her mind, and of her spirit finally arrived through a very windy path, and it is a path she treads to this day--never seeing what's around the corner. She greets these challenges with gracelessness sometimes and humor always to reveal a spine of steel and spunk she knew she always possessed but was too afraid to share. 

Well, thanks to Dear Divorcee, that has all changed now. Thank you for joining her journey!